Au Pair

An Au Pair is a foreign person who lives with a host family in order to learn their language and experience their culture. The Au Pair looks after the children and does light housework, is offered full board accommodation in a private room and receives weekly pocket money. The Au Pair lives with the family as a member of it.

The concept was born in the 18th century when the wealthy Swiss families used to send their young daughters to live with another family in order to learn a new language in return to looking after their children. The purpose of the experience was to learn a new language and to experience a different culture.

The word Au Pair started to be used in France in the 19th century. At that time, some French families used to host British girls to teach English to their children. In exchange, the British girls learnt French. These girls were called “Au Pair”, which is French for “equal to”, meaning they were considered equally part of the family.

The role of the Au Pair is to share the responsibility of childcare and housework, while both parties have the opportunity to learn about the other’s culture and language.

The role of the family and the Au Pair should be mutually beneficial. Both parties give and receive. This is the key to success in this experience.

The Au Pair programme is a cultural exchange programme. The family and the Au Pair will sign a written agreement to establish the terms and conditions of the exchange. There are also European regulations on the Au Pair exchange programme. Here is a link to the European Agreement to Au Pair Placement.

This Au Pair experience is a full immersion in the Spanish culture. It will give you the opportunity to learn or improve Spanish very fast.

Madrid has a strategic location in the geographical centre of Spain. It is the best place to organise weekend trips to visit other cities such as Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, San Sebastian, Malaga and many others... It is also close to Portugal, well worth a visit.

You will have the opportunity to meet interesting people, not only Spanish, but also many young people from other countries who live in Madrid having the same experience as you. Some of these people will probably become friends for the rest of your life.

10 reasons to become an Au Pair:

1- A unique experience. It will be fun.
2- Language. You will learn or improve Spanish very easily. Even though you will speak your own language with the children, you will practice Spanish with many other people, the parents of the family, the neighbours, the cleaning lady, the bus driver and everybody at your language school.
3- New friends. In Madrid you will get to know many young people from other countries, and some of them will become friends for the rest of your life.
4- Safety. You can take more or less risks when spending a year abroad. The Au Pair experience gives you the opportunity to live with a host family, not having to worry about accommodation arrangements or being on your own.
5- Economical. Living a year abroad to learn a new language may be very expensive. As an Au Pair you will be offered full board accommodation and will receive weekly pocket money.
6- Personal enrichment. Working with children will give you a lot in many ways.
7- Working experience. You will be able to add both your new language skills and the Au Pair experience to your CV.
8- Travelling. Living in Madrid will give you the opportunity to travel around Spain at low cost. There are so many places to go and visit!!!
9- Cultural immersion. Becoming a member of a Spanish family will allow you to truly experience a different culture.
10- Free time. You will look after the children for a maximum of 30 hours per week. This will leave you plenty of free time to take Spanish lessons and make plans with your new friends.

• Age between 18 and 30.
• Male or female.
• Without children.
• Some experience in childcare, as a babysitter, or children supervisor, in a kindergarten, summer camp, etc.
• Driver’s licence may be required or not.
• Stay periods:
- 10-12 months beginning September.
- 6-7 months beginning January, February or March.
- 2-3 months beginning May or June.
• Being sweet tempered and flexible. Enjoying spending time with children.
• Being responsible, committed, and having a positive attitude.
• In possession of the European Sanitary Card. We also suggest taking out a private insurance.
• Spanish skills not required.
• Good health medical certificate.

• Looking after the children on a part-time basis, for a maximum of 30 hours per week.
• 1 or 2 nights of babysitting per week.
• Helping with light housework.
• Taking Spanish lessons.
• 1,5 days off per week.

• Offering the Au Pair a private room.
• Offering the Au Pair breakfast, lunch and dinner.
• Giving the Au Pair weekly pocket money (70-80 euro).
• Taking the Au Pair in as a member of the family.
• Giving the Au Pair free time to attend a language school.

• Customized advice in German, English and Spanish. Always available for the whole length of your stay in Madrid.
• We offer advice and assistance with the written agreement between the parties (family and Au Pair).
• We help you with the travel arrangements (insurance, flight, language school, bank account...). Anything you might need.
• Our office is located in Madrid north area, close to the metro station. You can come and visit us anytime you want.
• We regularly organize Au Pair meetings to give you the opportunity to meet other people in your same situation.
• We know all of our families and have direct contact with them. They are advised by Bluesky and perfectly know the Au Pair programme regulations.
• We help you find a solution to any problem you may have during your stay.
• We help you change family if necessary.
• We issue a certificate once your Au Pair experience is finished.

Most of our host families have previous experience with other Au Pairs. Bluesky families perfectly know the Au Pair programme terms and conditions, and are aware of what they must offer and can expect.

Families are advised and followed up during your stay. We ourselves are a host family and therefore provide efficient advice.

In some of our families one of the parents can speak your language. This may be of help, especially in the beginning, if you do not have any previous Spanish skills.

Au Pairs who come to Spain are expected to speak their own language to the children in the family. However, you will speak Spanish with the rest of the family and with everybody around you.

Choosing a destination for a long stay abroad is not easy. It is important that the place you choose has many things to offer, to give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience.

Madrid is not only an important European metropolis, but also the capital of “la alegría de vivir” (the joy of living). In Madrid you will connect immediately to both the people and the city. People “live” outside, in the streets, the parks, the squares.

Madrid’s blue sky will make you want to go out and explore the city. It has so many things to offer: culture, sports, gastronomy, concerts, parks, shopping, nightlife ... On top of all that, the beautiful “Sierra” (the mountain) is only 1 hour away from the city and the beach is 3 hours by train, so you can organize weekend trips to one or the other.

Some other nearby interesting cities to visit are Toledo, Segovia, and the amazing Monastery in El Escorial.

People say Madrid never sleeps. Come and check it yourself!!! You will fall in love with this city.

1º Register online. We will get in touch with you and send you the application form.

2º Fill in and send us the application form: it includes some personal information and pictures. It will help us create your profile and find a suitable family for you.

3º Write and send us a presentation letter in English + Spanish. (If you are not an English native speaker, then write the letter in your native language + English)

4º Skype interview: once we have received your application form completed and your presentation letter, we will contact you through Skype to meet you and get to know you better. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions or doubts.

5º While we work in the research of a suitable family you should send us some documents:

* Your identity card or passport.
* Your European Sanitary Card.
* Your driver’s licence.
* A good health medical certificate.
* 2 recommendation letters: one for child caring and one regarding your personality.
* The Bluesky Au Pair agreement, duly signed.
* Privacy policy acceptance.
* Copy of the studies certificate.

6º One or more families will be proposed, and you will have Skype interviews with them.

7º Once both parties (you and the family) have agreed on the terms and conditions of the stay, the written agreement will be signed.

8º We will send you some useful information to help you organise your stay.

9º Please inform Bluesky of your arrival date.

10º The host family will welcome you at the airport in Madrid.

11º Bluesky will follow up your stay with the family.

12º Once you have completed the programme Bluesky will issue a certificate, if requested.

Once we receive your registration we will get in touch with you.

Please enter your name Please enter your surname Please enter your nationality Please enter your address Please enter your zip code Please enter your city Please enter your land Please enter your phone number Please enter your first day available to start Please enter the last day you want to stay
Please enter your birth date Please enter how you know about us
Please enter which school
Please specify
Please enter your message

Au Pairs do not have to pay any fee to Bluesky. We offer you our services for free!!!

Only the families hold the processing fees.

Why hiring Bluesky Aupairs and not using an on-line agency or platform?

The search for an Au Pair or a family through a web platform involves a lot of time and dedication, both for the Au Pair and the family. Most families do not have enough time to do this research work, year after year.

Some families do not really know the details of the Au Pair programme. Some Au Pairs do not really get involved when using a web platform. They just register to see how it works. (...)

The Au Pair only goes through the process once, but most families do it year after year.

By our own experience we know that some families get in touch with Au Pairs online and after a while the Au Pair disappears and the family have to start the process again from the beginning.

For you, Au Pairs, hiring Bluesky Au Pairs guarantees that families are well informed on the Au Pair programme. They will know exactly what to expect from you and your rights will be respected. Another important advantage is that once you have reached your destination you will not be on your own, as with an on-line agency. You can easily get in touch with us or visit our office in Madrid any time you want.

How long will my Au Pair experience last?

Au Pairs in Spain are mostly requested for periods of 6 to 10 months, during the school year.

There is also request of Au Pairs for the summer, for a period of 1 to 3 months.

Where exactly will I live?

Our host families live in Madrid or in other close towns. You will always be informed of the location of the family before you make your decision. It is important that you feel comfortable in your new house!!!

Do I need to have Spanish skills?

It is not required. You will learn Spanish while you are in Madrid. In some of our families the mother or father speaks your own language and this may help you, especially in the beginning.

Can I come with a friend?

Yes you can. We will try to place you in close families.

When shall I register?

We accept registrations any time of the year.

Do I need medical insurance?

Yes. You need to obtain European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and you will be entitled to some free National Health Service treatments. We also advise you to take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover travel, liability and medical costs.

What expenses will I have to hold when I am in Madrid?

Your host family will provide accommodation and meals, as well as weekly pocket money (70-80 euro). You will have to pay for the travel expenses and the Spanish lessons.

Do I need to have a driver’s licence?

Some families request it and some others do not. You should indicate in your application form whether you are willing to drive the family car or not.

Do I need to have a bank account?

No. The family will give you the pocket money cash. However, a credit card will be very useful to get special fares when buying travel tickets online.

What previous experience do I need to have on childcare?

¡The more you have the best! Any experience will be helpful. Having looked after the neighbours, your younger brothers and sisters, having worked as an instructor in a summer camp...

Can I attend a Spanish course?

It is definitely the best way to quickly learn or improve Spanish.

Will I have enough free time?

Yes you will. During your free time you will be able to go to Spanish lessons, visit many interesting places, have a coffee with your friends on a terrace or jus relax in one of Madrid’s beautiful parks. A great thing about Madrid is that it offers a lot both day and night.

Which are the possibilities of finding a host family?

If you have a nice personality and some experience on childcare we will definitely find a family for you. The more flexible you are the easier will be to find a family.

When will I meet the host family?

Once you send us the application form completed and pay the registration fee we will start looking for a family for you. As soon as we select one or more families, you will be able to contact them through Skype.

What should I expect from my host family?

They will take you in as a member of the family. You will not be treated as an employee, but as an older brother or sister, you will be given full board accommodation and will receive weekly pocket.

During the first week the family will talk to you about your duties, working hours and any other important information, and will help you get adapted to this new situation.

What will the host family expect from me?

Two things are very important for the families: the children’s care and the children learning your language.

Parents’ working hours in Spain are longer than in other countries, and it is difficult for them to look after the children without somebody’s help. They also want their children to learn a second language. These are the main reasons for which they take in an Au Pair.

Can I change family?

We always suggest both parties to give each other some time to get used to the new situation, and to establish good communication. It is important to speak about everything and to ask about all doubts, as many times as needed. When getting used to the new situation communication is the most important thing.

However, if problems arise and cannot be solved, we will do our best to help you find a new family.

What is the weather like in Madrid?

You will enjoy the sun all year long, even in wintertime, when temperatures get lower and it is a bit cold.

We suggest you the long stay September to July to be able to enjoy the summertime and the swimming pool.

How will I get to meet other people?

Bluesky Au Pairs will put you in touch with other Au Pairs in your area. Once in Madrid you will have many opportunities to meet people. We also organize Au Pair meetings regularly.

Who can I contact with once in Madrid?

With us!! We speak English, French and German. You can come to our office in Madrid any time you want. You will not be alone.